Behind the Lens: Brion McAuley

The Set Life Team is starting a new series where we get to know the talent behind the camera lens. We are starting off this series with local photographer, Brion McAuley. You can find their work on Instagram: @pbm513 or Facebook: Photos by McAuley

Deciymber: “Tell us a bit about your journey into photography. How long have you been working on your craft, what did you start of with and how would you describe your style?”

Brion: “I have been into photography for almost 7 years, most of my life I have always been enthralled with the art of photography. My first camera was a Canon Rebel t5, I recently upgraded to a Canon Rebel t6 but as my skills progress, I will seek out something new. My style is avant garde, I like the persons I shoot to get lost in the moment and in their surroundings.”

D: “What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into photography?”

B: “My advice would be, whatever style of photography you would want to pursue, pick the camera that give the best results for the art you want to create.”

D: “Have you published your work in any publications or shown in a gallery? If so, how was that experience?”

B: “I have had one picture that was featured in two separate galleries and some recent work will be featured in the magazine Cosplay Multiverse.”

D: “What current goals do you have for your photography journey?”

B: “Just keep building up my skills whilst taking images that will bring joy to the masses.”

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