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24 year old, Kacey Parks, began creating music about six years ago. “I kind of started rapping as a joke. Some thing friends and I would do when we were bored. I wasn’t great, but I liked it, so I just kept doing it. After that it just slowly progressed from a joke, to a hobby, to a serious practice, and now something I want to make a career.”

Kacey made his way into the SWFL scene a few years back at the South Street Open Mic. From there, he branched out to The Hippie Circle Sunday show at Kava Culture and eventually coordinated the Thursday Kava Culture Bonita Open Mic before passing the torch to Nordy Productions.

We caught up with Kacey to learn a bit more about him as we get hyped for his upcoming EP release party this Friday at Millennial Brewing. You can comb through his music on Soundcloud going back to the beginning along with some collaborations with other live artists. My personal favorites to listen through are from the Apartment 24 EP and I made sure to ask him about that and any specific experiences creating that stuck with him. “24 was great! Just came from living with Lutz and writing all the time. All the Saiyan Season shows were also really memorable.”

What was your process for your new EP “Till It Breaks”?

“The concept had been bubbling in my brain for a while but it started with the song None of You, followed by Till it Breaks. After I made those two, I got a fully formed idea for the project and ran with the concept. I recorded in a few places but mostly at The Facility with Eddy Rock. He’s featured as well as Sling and Yano.

Who is someone on a local level you’d like to collab with that you may have not had the chance to yet? Or someone you’d like to collab with again?

“I’d love to work with everyone I’ve worked with before again, and most likely will again, as for new collaborations… I don’t know; it’s such a long list; Last Minute Customer, Slyte, King Roc, Bizzy Crook, Ibrahim, Delarosa, and on and on and on. So much talent here.”

What advice would you share from your personal experience in the music community?

“Collaborate, keep working, be self aware of your flaws. Improve“

Finishing off 2019 with an EP release, we can expect to see Kacey popping up on lineups all over town in 2020. With more music to be dropped and potentially a tour, this is just the beginning of something really cool coming out of SWFL. You can hear “Till It Breaks” live this weekend or any time on your preferred streaming platform.  

Photo: Welshmen_Photos

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