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We caught up with an up and coming metal band by the name of Burned at the Stake and got to ask them some questions about who they are and what they’re doing. They’re based in Fort Myers, Florida. The band consists of five members; Andy, James, Jeff, Jake, and Austin. Each have different backgrounds and histories in the Southwest Florida music scene, and they’re all bringing something good to the table.

How did this band come to be? How did each member become part of the band?

Andy: I was talking to Jeff about wanting to start a project. We decided to be involved in something together. I played with Jeff’s previous band, but decided I didn’t want to be part of a punk band. It just wasn’t me. From there, Jeff’s old band disintegrated, and I made a post online. That’s how we got Jake and James. Then, Austin popped up.

And from there you started making songs. Who all is part of the songwriting process?

Andy: Someone comes up with an idea and then we all collectively work on it together.

Jeff: James definitely brings the correct attitude to what we’re trying to do because we’re always getting stuck in that hardcore punk shit all the time.

Each of you has been involved in the SWFL music scene in one way or another, ranging in genres. What genre would you use to classify Burned at the Stake?

Andy: Blackened death metal.

Jeff: Or blackened crust punk, they’re similar.

Jake: Just metal, haha.

Can you explain the name of your band?

Andy: Well, being burned at the stake is pretty much dying unjustly because of judgement by a corrupt society, but it captures a lot, such as the corruption of the state…

Given the background and influences of metal and punk from each member, Burned at the Stake appears to be a fitting name for the direction this band is going lyrically as it can refer to how metal is more horror related while punk is often more angst and politically oriented. Burned at the Stake’s debut show will be December 21st with Naustratep, Hellfrost and Fabicate at HOWL. Keep an eye out on all social media plaforms because we can expect more shows and studio time from these guys as we transition into 2020.

RSVP FOR DECEMBER 21ST: https://www.facebook.com/events/2770851492972811/

Photos: Colleen Turley | Blackbird Studios Boston

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