The Brainwashing of America

June 25, 2020 admi 0

Staff Reporter: Matthew Stegman When you say “Black Lives Matter” there seems to be a defensive switch that goes off almost immediately in people’s brains. […]


June 9, 2020 admi 0

Staff Reporter: Shay Murphy What am I other than Transgender? This question has haunted me throughout my involvement in the local art and music community. […]

Set Life Spotlight: Helm

April 20, 2020 admi 0

Helm is a young adult fantasy novel that takes place in a world where magic is quickly growing among kingdoms throughout the realms of man. Helm […]

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Set Life Home

March 24, 2020 admi 0

Ollies Pub- Records and Beer, Trash Cat Records and Set Life Pro present “Set Life Home”. SLP aims to ignite local culture and inspire an […]