Behind the Lens: Keith Lovejoy

The Set Life Team is starting a new series where we get to know the talent behind the camera lens. Today we are introducing you to Keith Lovejoy. You can find his work at @keithelovejoy on Instagram or check out his website!

Keith has been photographing for about 35-40 years. He started out with a Sears brand camera which was actually a Pentax. When asked how he would describe his style he explained it to be “pretty traditional, I strive to get the image I want right out of the camera without a lot of photoshop corrections.”

For about 15 years, Keith was a rodeo photography dodging out of control horses and angry bulls. As of recently, he has focused more on portraiture photography. His work has been published in a few barrel race magazines and the local newspaper. Keith said it was a great feeling to see his work in publications.

When asked what advice would you give to someone interested in getting into photography Keith advised to take your photography serious, take some business classes and don’t accept a paying assignment unless you know you can get the job done correctly.

We look forward to seeing how Keith and many other photographers in our area grow in the next year or two as we slowly come out of this pandemic.

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