Set Life Spotlight: Helm

Helm is a young adult fantasy novel that takes place in a world where magic is quickly growing among kingdoms throughout the realms of man. Helm is one of five major realms, and a darkness is growing within its borders. Follow three young boys of Rocke Village, a prestigious home, as they face their most terrifying nightmares and are forced to work together in order to survive. Their journey into adulthood takes them away from the vast forests of Helm to towering mountains and endless plains of foreign lands. Along the way, the people, creatures, and places they see show them what it means to be brave, and what the word “home” really means. 

Note from the author:

                “As children, my brother and I would spend hours in our room playing with toys and constructing the most fantastic and silly stories for the characters we created. I always told him that I wanted to write down our ideas, and for it to be a story of its own one day. That being said, Helm has been in production since I was a child, and it has been altered, morphed, and edited year after year as I graduated high school and college. This draft is the culmination of all my passion and efforts towards writing and fantasy. I also told my brother that even to have one copy of this story for us to have on my bookshelf would be success, but deep down I want you to enjoy the story too. If you do, then my dream will have come true.”


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