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AstroTramp is the latest project spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Costantino, a long staying hero of the SWFL rock and metal scenes.

Q: Who’s in the line up and what do you feel they bring to the band?

A: “On guitar we have Robert Graham who has played with the Birdmen and the Boyfriends. He has a very raw and unfiltered kind of style which lends a bit of roughness to the sound which is something I felt that we really needed. On bass is Shawn Ayotte, who played with me in Psychic Dose. We have worked together several times, but this band has been a shared vision of ours from the beginning and we coming full circle now just because the timing feels right for this project. Jake Young who plays bass with the Kimberlys, and is also drummer for metal band Burned at the Stake is behind the drum kit. He’s just an all around solid drummer who shares the desire to delve into our sound. He’s a busy musician so I feel really humbled by his dedication to our music. I’m playing guitar and keys along with vocal duties.

Q: How are you approaching handling both guitar and keyboard duty?

A: “I’m having a fun time with it. I have always played lead guitar in every band I have been a part of. I wanted to take a step to the side and give room for Robert to get his juju on. I’m approaching the keys as just an extension of what I’m doing on guitar to add some flavor and to leave some space for the songs to breath.”

Q: Can fans of psychic dose still expect the same level of energy you and Shawn have brought in the past or is this a more mellow aproach?

A: “I would’t say it’s more mellow but it is a different approach entirely. There is no level of energy that is out of the realm of possibilities, so the answer is yes.. just no metal this time. We will be punching you in the soul instead of punching you in the face.

Q: When can we expect to hear some recordings from you guys?

A: “We are releasing our first single, The Oracle in January, which will be free for streaming and download, and we plan on recording more very soon.” (Note: “The Oracle” is now available on Bandcamp)

Q: What bands really influenced Astrotramps sound on your end?

A: “From my end I have to start with my holy trinity Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and the Beatles. Lots of old psychedelic stuff like Hawkwind, Cream, Velvet Underground etc., and Radiohead is a huge influence on me personally.”

Check out more of Astrotramp at their Debut show on February 22nd at Howl Tattoo, at their website and on Facebook and Bandcamp

Astrotramp Debut concert with Emerald Vision & The Epic at Howl
$5 cover

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