Tassel Talk with Freckles Galore

Staff Reporter: Angel America

The SWFL community has a vast variety of music and arts to showcase; one of those being burlesque. We got the opportunity to ask Freckles Galore how she got involved and some of her opinions on burlesque in SWFL to promote her next upcoming show with Marina Elaine and friends at Palace Pub & Wine Bar called “Nightcap An Evening of Burlesque!”

“Made of Freckles and everything nice- and every freckle is a different spice”

Photo Courtesy of: Alexa Luxe Photography

How did you first learn about burlesque? 
I remember the first thing I saw related to burlesque, when I was very young, was an old black and white video clip of Vedette Tongolele on TV.  I felt immediately drawn to the costume, music, and choreography. I was fascinated by the art of tease.  

What inspires you? 
I am inspired by all my glittery friends I meet on this journey and all the performers that have paved the way before me.

Why do they call you Freckles Galore?
I named myself Freckles Galore as a homage to all the freckle faced people in the world that were made fun of when they were little or hated their freckles because they looked different from everyone else.

What got you into doing burlesque?
The freedom for me to be creative and outrageous.

Florida Burlypicks 2019 Master of Assels

Photo Courtesy of: Alexa Luxe Photography

What’s your goal with burlesque?
My goals are to cultivate acts that highlight the rich history and tradition of the art of tease, while fusing my own sense of style into the costuming and music.  I also really enjoy and would like to continue producing diverse shows that represent all different types of women, from very voluptuous to teeny tiny and everything in between.

What do you want the world to know about burlesque in SWFL?
We have a wonderful community of many beautiful and talented performers that want to share and keep alive this strong and sexy art form. We want share the gospel of striptease!

Is there anything else you would like the SWFL readers to know?
 I want SWFL to get ready for a new show I will be producing in 2020. Sweet Pussy Soirée  It’s a burlesque and variety show… with a little more spice! 

Instagram: frecklesgalore_
Facebook: facebook.com/missfrecklesgalore

If you’re interested in attending Freckles’ next event you can click here for the even page!

Saturday March 21st at 9PM!

Step into a night filled with song, dance, and a whole lot of glamour!
Three tantalizing performers and one enchanting emcee are sure to put on a show that you’ll never forget.

Featuring Performances By:
Pixel Winters
Miss Marina Elaine
Freckles Galore

Hosted By: Alistair Graves

Music By: Nelson Carmona

$5.00 General Admission cash only cover at the door.

VIP Seating-
High top table (seats 4)- $20.00
Couch (seats 6 to 8)- $10.00 per person
*Please call 239-217-0919 or email palacepubandwine@gmail.com to reserve VIP seating!*

This event is for ages 21+ ONLY.

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